Our Process

Our Process

Detailed below is the process that you can expect to go through with one of our Financial Planners.

Step one - Initial Meeting

Our first meeting is used for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. We have in depth discussions about your current financial position and your personal financial and lifestyle goals and objectives as well as identifying problem areas of your finances. You will receive our financial services guide and privacy statement at this meeting and then together we complete a financial fact find and determine how we can help you.

Step two - Strategies and Recommendations

To help you achieve your goals and objectives we prepare a statement of advice or financial plan. This forms the basis of our advice and details the strategies and recommendations that we believe should be implemented to achieve your stated goals and objectives agreed upon at the first meeting.

Step three - Implementing your plan

Once we go through the statement of advice with you and you are comfortable with the recommendations, we assist with implementing the plan. This usually involves completing paperwork and lodging applications with the relevant insurer and/or fund managers. Once completed, we confirm with you that everything is in place as it should be.

Step four - Review

It is vital that your financial plan is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the strategies continue to meet your needs and that they are helping you to achieve your goals. Our first review is 3 months after implementation to make sure you are coping with the changes that have been made. We also conduct a review of your arrangements on at least an annual basis. Some plans require more constant reviewing and quarterly or half yearly reviews can be negotiated.

Step five - Ongoing reviewing and rebalancing of portfolios

We are constantly reviewing legislative and economic changes that may impact on our client's financial plans. We also review investment markets so that we are in a position to either alter an investor's asset allocation or rebalance a portfolio back to the intended risk profile as markets move. This service is particularly relevant for our retiree clients or clients with large investment portfolios. This is an additional service that can be provided by negotiation with your planner.


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